Patrick G. Mackaronis

Patrick G. Mackaronis, Director of Business Development of social media startup Brabble in New York City.

Patrick G. Mackaronis is not your run of the mill entrepreneur. A through and through self-made man, he goes against the grain and thinks three steps ahead at every turn. Pat started in the hustling game when he was a young kid, far younger than most. Thrown into the entrepreneurial spirit by his father Greg, Pat’s childhood was filled with portable lemonade stands on the quiet streets of Jersey and little red wagons full of fresh-baked cookies sold for a markup to raise money for reinvesting.

Regardless of the endeavor at hand, Patrick Mackaronis has always reached for the stars and dreamt bigger than most. No stranger to the cold grasp of adversity, Pat has never had an issue overcoming bigger and bigger challenges. Whether starting a successful marketing firm from a small college apartment while a full-time student, or partnering with other like-minded businesspeople in the customer service industry (restaurants and nightclub ownership in his early 20’s), Patty Mack has no fear, and knows no challenge too large.

For the past several long years, Patrick Mackaronis has been deep into his most monumental challenge yet: sculpting the landscape of social media forever. While competing social networks such as the monstrous Facebook swallowed up Instagram whole and tried to take over Snapchat in the process, Pat kept the right foot forward and developed a strategic action plan for his own small network.

While Google Plus and Vine were failing miserably in the social space, Pat was hard at work developing strategies for investors and pitching his beautiful new network concepts to venture capitalists in the Big Apple. Pat stayed focused on his goal: breathing new life into one of the Internet’s most bustling marketplaces… social media.

The fruits of Patrick’s labor are close to being ripe. His fresh new startup Brabble has raised millions of dollars in investor funds from a large number of venture capitalists, angel investments, and equity firms. They are now closing in on the dawn of a highly anticipated public launch. An investor and co-founder, Patrick has been a pivotal, multi-faceted member of Brabble since its inception in January 2013.

Team members have come and gone, but Patrick has been a stalwart life force for Brabble, morphing into many simultaneous roles over the years, including CMO, Chief Executive Officer, and most recently Director of Business Development.

Patrick G. Mackaronis On Brabble’s Plan To Change Up Social Networking

Brabble allows users to message and comment back to posts (called “Brabble back”), utilizing 45-second video snippets, photos, audio and text. Users can also share information to Facebook and Twitter, record audio directly using mobile devices, and record video directly using front or back cell phone cameras. Also featured in Brabble are the My Feed and Explore pages, which display followed users, popular users, and new posts.

“Users have the ability to drive revenue and monetize their followings by posting Star Tags, Brabble’s patent pending revenue model, brought to you by Mr. Patrick G. Mackaronis.”

“But what really sets Brabble apart from the titans of current social media is its incredibly innovative revenue model. Unlike many social networking applications, Brabble embeds revenue generating technology, increasing return on investment. This model centers around Star Tags, which work similar to affiliate links. These tags allow developer teams to post coded links into Brabble updates that are then shared to both Facebook and Twitter. When links are clicked, it directs traffic to related e-commerce pages. After a sale is made, Brabble collects a small percentage of affiliate income from the advertiser, which is then distributed to investors.”