Free Summer Concerts in New York City

The following is a post from Patrick G. Mackaronis. Patrick is the Director of Business Development for New York City-based social network Brabble. In this post, Patrick will tell us about some places where one can enjoy concerts without paying any money in NYC. Patrick can be best reached on Twitter at @patty__mack.

Free Concerts in Parks in New York City

Free Concerts in Parks is put on by the City Parks foundation. They offer over 1,000 performances throughout the year in the parks in the five boroughs of New York City. Most of these events occur between June and September.

They offer lots of forms of entertainment, with everything from free concerts, theater and dance. Some of the performances they are well known for include the Charlie Parker jazz festival, hip hop performances and lots of events for kids. They website offers information on the performances and the City Park Foundation also offer other free events throughout New York City. Including things like golf, tennis and track and field lessons, most of which are for children.


  • City Parks Foundation, (212) 360-8290

El Museo Del Barrio in New York City

El Museo Del Barrio is a museum that offers a latin concert series every Thursday night from June through August. The concerts begin at 6 pm, and offer a large variety of music. They offer a lot of hip hop, rock, reggae, bachata, Cuban surf, salsa and other types of latin music. They offer lots of local musicians, as well as many international stars as well.

  • El Museo Del Barrio, 1230 Fifth Avenue, (212) 831-7272

The Harlem Meer Performance Festival in New York City

The Harlem Meer Performance Festival is a free concert series that is located in Upper Central Park in New York City. They showcase a lot of emerging artists, as well as many more established musicians. They offer a large variety of music, with lots of jazz, latin and gospel artists. They also offer a lot of dance performances as well throughout the summer.

  • Harlem Meer Performance Festival, Charles A. Dana Discovery Center, Central Park, (212) 860-1370