Hush by Kate White Set in New York City: Modern Urban Thriller Deals With Infertility and Murder

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Filled with self-doubt, she decides to rid herself of thoughts of husband Jack and his new “go big or go home” lifestyle of bad tans and hideously inappropriate flip-flops by pursuing an ill-advised adventure of her own.

Fortunately her job as a temporary marketing consultant for a fertility clinic on upscale Park Avenue keeps her busy, especially since she’s in the middle of a project that she snagged in part because of her friendship with one of the doctor’s wives.


New York Fertility Clinic Breeds Trouble

With an uncharacteristic lapse in professional ethics, Lake spends the night with a consulting doctor and wakes up to a corpse. Since the clinic needed help with public relations even before the murder, Dr. Keaton’s death puts everyone on tenterhooks, especially after evidence points to someone in the clinic.

Desperate to hide her secret tryst, Lake investigates what happened while armed with little more than her honed marketing manipulation skills and a growing fear of losing her children to her ex.

Surprisingly, after four months of separation, the normally worldly Lake shows astonishing naivete by allowing her estranged husband to roam around unguarded in her apartment and to watch her purse, but she remains emotionally guarded.

Lake finds plenty of suspects to fear thanks to the skeletons in Dr. Keaton’s closet and in her own, leaving her unsure of whom to trust.

Cosmopolitan Editor Pens Fast-Paced Thriller

Kate White, editor-in-chief of fashion magazine Cosmopolitan,and author of the Bailey Weggins mystery series, has written a fast-paced, light thriller whose magazine demographic and numerous Weggins fans should enjoy Hush.namedrops fashion houses when appropriate and the city of New York figures prominently in the characters’ lifestyles and dreams. The setting is a different world from most of the United States, but Lake’s struggle to deal with her impending divorce will resonate with readers all over the country.


The slightly unwieldy scenes in the beginning read as the least realistic and slowest part of the book but White quickly speeds up the pace with Keaton’s climactic scene.

Once the chase begins after she’s threatened, Lake loses her ennui, leading to an intense secret investigation to figure out the killer’s identity — all while keeping her husband Jack oblivious to her predicament.

Publishing Information

White, Kate. Hush. New York: Harper, 2010. $24.99. ISBN: 978-0-06-157661-4