US Festivals: New York City Events: Restaurant Week, Mermaid Parade, Tribeca Film Fest & Marathon

The following is a post from Patrick G. Mackaronis. Patrick is the Director of Business Development for New York City-based social network Brabble. In this post, Patrick will list some of the festivals/events that took place in NYC. Patrick can be best reached on Twitter at @patty__mack.

Whether it’s cheap eats during Restaurant Week, Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Film Festival, Coney Island’s fancy-dress Mermaid Parade or the public lining the streets of the five boroughs for the New York Marathon, New York City events cover a broad range. Some of the best US festivals are in America’s biggest city, and these are just some of them…

US Festivals: New York City Events – Restaurant Week

The principle of Restaurant Week is quite simple – prices at many of New York’s top restaurants are slashed in order to give residents a taste for the very best food, but at affordable prices. This means that meals in New York’s top restaurants can cost between $20 and $30 – a bargain cheap eat in anyone’s book. Obviously the idea is to get people to eat out more and come back again, but to a tourist arriving in town during Restaurant Week – which is held both in February and June – it’s a food bonanza.

US Festivals: New York Events – Tribeca Film Festival

Whilst not quite up there with the Cannes Film Festival or Venice Film Festival, the Tribeca Film Festival is gaining gravitas very quickly. Part of this is due to its somewhat famous organiser; Robert De Niro set it up in the downtown area of Manhattan that had lost a lot of character since the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Centre. Whilst De Niro adds a fame factor, there are other reasons for the festival’s success – there is usually an excellent line-up of films and big name premieres. The Tribeca Film Festival takes place every May.

US Festivals: New York City Events – Coney Island Mermaid Parade

One of the more surreal US festivals takes place on New York’s fun-packed Coney Island on the last Saturday in June. For no real reason (other than ‘because they can’), groups of revellers get together in mermaid outfits and then put on a mighty fine fancy-dress parade. Or should that be a mighty fin fancy-dress parade? Either way, for bizarreness value, it’s off the scale(s).

US Festivals: New York Events – New York Marathon

In terms of road-racing spectacles, only the London Marathon can compete with the New York Marathon. Held on the first weekend of every November, the marathon route takes in all five boroughs, and the public line the streets to cheer on the competitors. Over the years, the New York Marathon has become less of a race and more of a public party – although don’t tell that to the hardy souls slugging it out for 26 miles.